Downtown Gatlinburg Smoky Mountain Mall Webcam

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This camera offers one of the best views of the downtown Gatlinburg Parkway, see the live Gatlinburg traffic and holiday parades
This webcam is sponsored by Mountain Chalets Cabin Rentals

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  1. I was eight years old on my first trip to Gatlinburg with my parents. I have since been with my children and grandchildren. Been going over 50 years now and have all our favorite places. We used to breed and train horses so we always include horseback riding on our trips.

  2. I love the mountains, I live not so far away but I hate the old run down motels and hotels I see in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge. I am not a fan of staying where 1000’s of people stay and bring in all sorts of really disgusting stuff with them (bugs). So I am a freak of nature when it comes to laying my head down and having the possibility of bed bug coming home with me. Not a fan. So I guess I need to find a nice place there, if I stay, but I can’t get anyone to give me updates with honesty as far as the people that run the hotels there. I want a place that does not look outdated in the 50’s nor a place that is so expensive you have to wear jewels to even fit in. If you can give me an idea of nice places please do so. This comment was not to make anyone mad or hurt anyone, it was to get an honest idea of places to stay if I decide to.

  3. whats the point of the mountain mall web-cam, it only lasts 10 seconds then bleeps off.

  4. Back in the early 50s when I first came to Gatlinburg with my parents the town closed down during the winter. On a cold winter day you could drive to the top of the mountain at New Found Gap from Gatlinburg and not see a single car during the trip. It really was beautiful back in those days before all the crowds.

  5. I have been going to Gatlinburg for over 30 years now. Absolutely love the mountains. There’s so much to do. I’ve met some good people there. We usually stay in a cabin. What an awesome time. One day I will move down to the area. I always pull up the webcams,just to dream and see what’s going on. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Wow, you would think with all the bucks this area rakes in they could afford to fix a couple cameras. let people know where that pocket full of money went anyway

  7. Downtown mountain mall fails to load up quite often. And the Space Needle won’t load on my new samsung S7 at all.

  8. I have been to gatlinburg at least 100 times in the 60 years I love the Smokey mountains gatlinburg and pigeon forge tnn

  9. Thank you for having this webcam. I wish there were more of them around town but I greatly appreciate each one and enjoy peeking in on my favorite vacation spot!

  10. I have been to Gatlinbrug so many time..I love it there so much.So many people are kind, and the hotels there are many activities to do there.If your planning to come…it will definitely be the best trip that you would enjoy! tomorrow I am going to Gatlinburg.Cant wait to have a big ride there (Saturday is when I am going/12-23-17)

  11. Just love looking at Gatlinburg from time to time. Plan on moving there when I retire.

  12. There have been at least one of recent and more over time that have wondered why there is not a larger view of the Parkway than this small view.

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