High Definition Gatlinburg Web Cam

Would you like to see a new High Definition Downtown Gatlinburg Web Cam?

UPDATE May 12 2014: Thank you for the support everyone. After several months we have concluded there just is not enough participants to support a new Gatlinburg area webcam. Thanks again to everyone, We tried!!!

At GSMVRO we have received many questions, concerns and complaints about Gatlinburg web cams that are not functioning despite the fact we do not own or manage any of them! We feel your pain! And have grown somewhat weary of the Smoky Mountains Webcams inconsistencies.

So here is our proposition: We(GSMVRO) would consider taking over and managing some of the non working Gatlinburg webcam locations such as the location in the photo above. If… (Keep reading below)

What we have learned after some initial research:

High Definition(H.264) pan, tilt and zoom webcams with heaters and fans built in that are capable of running in extreme weather(snow,rain) cost in excess of $2000. Extremely reliable webcam hosting services that can handle the high definition(H.264) bandwidth and 1000+ simultaneous viewers at a time and 30k to 40K plus viewers per month is expensive(over $200+ per month) If GSMVRO could obtain a reasonable number of willing subscribers to help offset the cost of maintaining a new HD webcam with quality exceeding any other Gatlinburg cam we would seriously consider hosting that camera. but…

Our big Question to Our blog Readers: Would 50 cents per month or say a $6 per year subscription be worth it and a fair amount to view the downtown Parkway in high definition with 99% up time? This would be a private cam that only subscribers could view. If we get enough response we will look into this scenario further. Please leave your comment below if you would be interested in subscribing to such a service. We kindly ask you not to tell us you know how/can install and run a Gatlinburg webcam for free or $30 a month etc, if you can do that then let us know when your personal Gatlinburg cam is ready to view and we will gladly add your cam to our webcam page. GSMVRO has no interest in hosting a cheap, low resolution/blurry tiny screen web cam that crashes every time more than 3 people view it at once or encounters a few rain drops or bad weather!!! I think we all have seen enough of broken web cams already. In all fairness keeping webcams running year round is much more complicated than you might imagine so congrats to those who have done a successful job with their cams. If GSMVRO is going to undertake this project we are going to do it right or not at all. Our goal would be to make the camera viewer feel as close to being here in Gatlinburg as possible. See the following link for an example of an HD Web Cam whose  broadcast quality we would strive to acheive:
HD WEB CAM EXAMPLE Click Here Note: When page opens click bottom right corner of viewer to see full screen
“A Large screen super clear Gatlinburg cam that delivers incredible resolution and works 99% of the time regardless of the weather or high viewer traffic is the least we will settle for!!!”

We hope you all agree. Let us know if you like the idea in the comments below?

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  1. Katie

    Yep, sign me up…i’d gladly subscribe to a reliable high def web cam!

  2. Andrea Wheeler

    I would!!! I love to watch!

  3. Angela

    Yes I would pay for this . Please let me know when it’s available. Thank you .

  4. Elayne

    This sounds like a great idea. We hope it will be done.



  6. Roger

    Sign me up.


    count me in

  8. Edward

    yes i would pay 6.00 a year get it up please

  9. Roger

    I would pay $6 a year to view cam.

  10. SteveR

    Absolutely! Been really missing the cam at Blaines; count me in.

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